Do you offer group buy discounts?

Yes! Valued at 20% off. Below are the requirements

-The purchase is made by 1 person. This person will provide shipping addresses and names of all involved with the group buy, unless it is all for you.

-The non-discounted value of the purchase must be greater than $1000. Once exceeded, an automatic discount of 20% will be applied

Do you offer Core Exchanges?

Yes! The core exchange values are found hereThe core value is refunded after the items are received on our end (we provide return labels via email). Damaged or missing pieces such as a broken mirror on a sun visor will result in a modified refund value.

Do you allow for custom Inquiries?

Yes! If your vehicle/part is not shown on our website or simply is not what you want exactly, we will gladly purchase and create custom parts to your liking. 

Contact us here to inquire.

What is the lead time on custom inquiries?

Our shop holds 1 of everything we normally sell in OEM form so that custom inquiries can have same day to 3 day lead times. This all depends on the size of the order and current workload of the shop. 

 What is the turnover rate if I provide parts to get serviced?

Generally 1-2 day turnover on individual sets such as a set of sun visors or set of pillars. Turnover increases for multiple sets and custom embroidered parts.